Flexor Tendon Repair

Osteosynthesis of the Hand&Wrist


Dear Colleagues,

Finger injuries are among the most frequent soft tissue problem in every emergency department, but despite the many publications it is still difficult to have a clear idea about the indications, the surgical technique and the tricks that are not written in the books. We will show how we do it and why we choose it.

The course is organized with some lectures and a lot of time for dissections. Few introductory lectures and then each flap is presented (few slides), a live demonstration by a tutor and finally the dissection with the tutor that will guide through the steps of the flap dissection. The faculty is always at disposal for questions and discussion. With our course, we will try to give a systematic overview of this specific field: nomenclature, clear technical details and indications with a rational approach.

The collaboration with the Institute of Anatomy will allow us to dissect flaps on latex injected and formaline-free specimens. Two to three participants per table will be guided by the faculty’s members to bring home new practical knowledge for the daily clinical work

The tendon course is also well established and the participants will have a full immersion day in the last developments in this field. What is important, what not, do’s and no do’s, tricks and pitfalls presented by international and local experts.

The last two days of the week are dedicated to osteosynthesis of the hand and the wrist. In collaboration with IBRA we offer a course that will enable the participants to understand the basics and a lot of advanced techniques. Short presentations, technique movies and practical exercises are mixed to give a full learning experience.

We are looking to have you in Zurich!


Professor Maurizio Calcagni M.D.